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J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL) J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL) J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL) J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL) J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL) J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL) J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL) J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL) J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL) J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL) J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)
J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)
J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)
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Industries We Serve

Wind Energy Generation

J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)The electricity generated from wind energy can be highly variable. The out put can be vary on different time scales. In wind energy generation, probability of intermittent surge level is more. Our electrical current transformers for import and export of power have higher withstanding capacity of surge level for better results.

Electrical current transformers are generally used to step-up the generator voltage for transmission or to step-down the transmission voltage to intermediate levels of distribution. While transformer designs can vary greatly depending upon the application and power generation / output needs, almost all follow the same basic configuration.

Textile Industry

J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)Textile industries are running with various motors with various voltage specifications (for example, 433 V, 415 V, 400 V, 380 V). Based on the energy study report, we are providing solutions for effective energy management by selecting suitable voltage with AVR for OLTC transformers.

Steel Industry

J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)Steel industry requires great amount of power and uninterrupted flow of electricity for the functioning of various metallurgical and other processes. Our high precision power distribution transformers ensure smooth flow of electricity for the impeccable functioning. With aluminum and copper Windings, our custom designed power transformers can be used for any kind of machine.


J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)For this type of industry that produces casting of metals, both ferrous and non ferrous, massive power supply is always required. Our tailor made power distribution transformers can help enhance the productivity of the machines by avoiding the unnecessary fluctuations with harmonics control.

Health Care Industry

J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)Health care industries require machines with high load capacity and uninterrupted electricity supply. Our range of high performance voltage power transformers ensures stabilized output voltage despite variable and unbalanced load applications.

Institutional Power Systems

J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)Our customized high frequency transformers are available for all kinds of institutional power systems. They facilitate smooth functioning of machinery with higher impedance level. These transformers with high levels of performance produce stabilized output voltage even in the variable and unbalanced loading applications.

High Rise Commercial & Residential Complex

J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)Our vast range of high frequency transformers has the capacity to produce stabilized output voltage for the variable and unbalanced loading applications. They ensure higher impedance levels for the smooth and proper functioning of high rise commercial complex industry.

Residential Complex
We provide residential transformers for use in high rise building complexes, where there is a definite need for accommodating the voltage requirements of electric circuits and equipment. We design these residential transformers to ensure optimum use of space and for easy installation. Our transformers deliver the highest standards of performance and efficiency required by high-rise buildings.

General Engineering and Allied Industries

J.K. Shah & Company (PACTIL)We offer our customers an array of transformers. We understand that they are essential for high voltage power transmission, which makes long distance transmission economically practical.

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